What happens when your first rib is out of place?

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One thing we see associated with prolonged desk work is neck, upper back, and shoulder pain. We often adjust the neck and upper back and look at the muscles around the area. One thing that can contribute to that pain, but is sometimes missed, is the first rib.

The first rib sits behind the clavicle, and when its movement/position becomes dysfunctional, you can feel pain in the neck and shoulder and radiate into the arm. It could cause you to have numbness and tingling in the arm or restricted movement in the neck and shoulder girdle.

We have several techniques we use at the office to mobilize and adjust the first rib to relieve the pain. We can then talk about posture exercises you can use to prevent another episode!

Here is a short video to show you how we get some movement back to your first rib. Please don’t try this at home. Be sure to make an appointment with an experienced professional.

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