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What Is Physical Therapy?

Physical Therapy can help improve your health, prevent future injuries, and help you enjoy life again. Physical Therapy is a medical treatment that helps:

  • Speed up recovery from an accident or injury
  • Improve mobility and balance 
  • Reduce chronic pain
  • Regain strength 

Do You Need Physical Therapy?

You could need Physical Therapy if you have a physical injury that limits your mobility; joint, muscle, or nerve pain that started on its own; balance problems; or dizziness or weakness.  Typical health problems that benefit from physical therapy include:


Treating arthritis with Physical Therapy can strengthen the muscles around the joint areas which can alleviate stiffness and reduce joint stress.


The early stages of Physical Therapy for sciatic nerve pain will focus on giving you immediate relief from your pain and easing your discomfort. Next, your treatment plan will focus on strengthening the muscles surrounding your sciatic nerve with targeted exercises and stretches. The outcome will be an improved range of motion and posture, thus decreasing sciatica symptoms further and preventing them from occurring again in the future.

Torn Meniscus

Recent research indicates that choosing Physical Therapy can result in similar outcomes as surgery for a torn meniscus in your knee. Our physical therapist can show you how to do therapeutic exercises that can help strengthen the muscles that support and move your knee; increase blood flow to the injured area; boost joint lubrication; and improve the knee's range of motion.

Tennis Elbow

Physical Therapy can be a huge help for tennis elbow. Suggested exercises are focused on improving blood flow to the tendons (which typically receive much less oxygen than muscles around them); stretching and strengthening the muscles, or stimulating the muscles to improve blood flow.

Herniated Discs

Pain from a herniated disc is usually secondary to an inflammatory response. Fortunately, Physical Therapy can help to eliminate the inflammation of a herniated disc, and subsequently, the discomfort. The treatment for lower back disc herniation helps to improve flexibility, optimize posture, build strength, improve the stability of the joints, and enhance the movements of the joints.

Rotator Cuff/Shoulder Pain

Treatment for rotator cuff injuries can replace surgery up to 80% of the time. Physical Therapy can help heal the intact portion of the rotator cuff in hopes of avoiding surgical intervention. However, should surgery be required, Physical Therapy is an essential part of the recovery process, focusing on strengthening the rotator cuff and other muscles that support the shoulder.

Pinched Nerve

A pinched nerve is essentially a compressed nerve. This is caused by surrounding tissue pressing on the nerve root often resulting in pain, numbness, and tingling in the affected area. Treatment approaches include muscle strengthening, posture work, and range of motion exercises.

Back Pain

Back pain is the leading reason that people seek medical care. Not only can physical therapy reduce pain and increase mobility, it can also reduce the need for surgery. Seeking physical therapy treatment often reduces the risk of falls and injury in the future.

Erica - Physical Therapist at Dakota Chiropractic, Apple Valley, MN
Erica, Physical Therapist
at Dakota Chiropractic in Apple Valley, MN

Frequently Asked Questions About Physical Therapy

At your first appointment, you will meet with our Physical Therapist, Erica for an evaluation.  Erica will discuss your current symptoms and concerns.  Then she works with you to establish your personalized treatment goals and set realistic expectations for your recovery.  She will also develop a customized home exercise plan to help you feel better as fast as possible.  Home exercise plans are one of the most essential parts of the success of your treatment and are vital to your recovery. 

Get started by calling our office at (612) 562-6694 and scheduling an appointment with Erica.

Yes! We are part of a network that includes most health insurance plans.  We will be happy to verify your benefits before beginning your treatment.  

If you’re interested in finding out if your insurance is covered, please call our office at  (612) 562-6694. 

If you do not have insurance, your cost will be $100 per visit.  If you have insurance, we can advise you what your potential out-of pocket-costs will be with your benefits. To get a free,  no obligation estimate, call our office at (612) 562-6694.


We recommend that most patients start Physical Therapy at a rate of TWO TIMES A WEEK. Starting your treatment by coming to physical therapy twice a week helps your body heal faster and rebuild quicker.  As your treatment progresses and your pain reduces,  your plan will require less frequent in-person attendance. Maximizing your home treatment protocol will help with the long-term relief of your symptoms. 

Absolutely not!  Physical Therapy should never hurt.  However, after a session, you may feel some soreness similar to how you feel after a good workout. Some discomfort is a normal part of the treatment process, but the sessions are not painful.

Each session lasts approximately 40 minutes.  So you are in and out in no time! Get started by called our office at (612) 562-6694 to schedule you initial appointment. 

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