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Preparing for Your New Patient Appointment

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Many new chiropractic patients wonder what to expect on their first visit, especially as chiropractic care can vary from one practitioner to the next.

Your first appointment can take around 40 minutes, but it may take more or less time depending on what we uncover during your exams.

No special clothing is required, although it is always best to wear comfortable clothes!

What to Expect as a New Patient

Before Your Appointment

Once you schedule your first appointment, you’ll receive an appointment confirmation email as well as a request to complete our new patient forms. 

Completing these forms before you come is will help to keep the paperwork to a minimum while you’re here. 

You’ll also receive a reminder email 24 hours before your appointment. 

Tip: Add your appointment to your online calendar and block out time for travel. 

1st Appointment

When you arrive to your first appointment,  you’ll be greeted by our friendly receptionist, Sara, who will help you get checked in and ensure we have your new patient paperwork and insurance details. 

Then, you’ll meet with Dr. Hannah to complete the following: 

Dr. Hannah spends time to get to know you, the pain or symptoms your experiencing, and ensure she fully understands how it may be impacting your entire life. 

Dr. Hannah will talk to you about any other health conditions or history you have.

Dr. Hannah will complete a thorough exam including orthopedic tests and assessing range of motion.

It’s important to us that you can see improvement in your pain and symptoms as soon as possible, which is why Dr. Hannah will complete a treatment on your first visit, including muscle work, an adjustment, and other modalities that may assist in your healing. She will discuss this with you at your appointment before starting your treatment. 

After your treatment is complete, you’ll schedule your follow up appointment. 

2nd Appointment

At your second appointment, you’ll meet with Dr. Hannah to review your Report of Findings and the personalized treatment plan Dr. Hannah put together for you. 

Your second appointment includes: 

The treatment plan will include pricing details and allow you to make a completely informed decision on your care. 

Once you decide which treatment plan option fits you best, Dr. Hannah will complete your second treatment, including muscle work, an adjustment, and any other modalities included in your treatment plan. 

Dr. Hannah will also walk you through the exercises and stretches she recommends continuing at home to aid in your treatment and ensure any questions you have are addressed before the end of your appointment. 

Once your appointment is complete, you’ll check out with Sara, our Receptionist, and schedule your next follow-up appointment. 

Your Treatment Plan & Follow Up Appointments

Depending on the customized treatment plan Dr. Hannah recommends for you and the plan option that fits the best for you, you should plan to return for follow-up appointments after your new patient appointments are completed. 

The frequency of appointments during injury recovery can range from multiple visits a week to once a week, depending on your specific needs and treatment plan. 

Ongoing Maintenance & Care

Once the initial treatment plan is complete, many of our patients are motivated to continue feeling their best, and continue regular care through one of our 3 Monthly Wellness Plans – once, twice, or four times per month.

Ask us about our wellness plan options at your next appointment to learn how you can save on regular chiropractic visits.


$35 New Patient Appointment

Frequently Asked Questions

Before reviewing your personalized treatment plan with you, we’ll always offer to check your insurance to see what kind of coverage is available with your plan. 

From there, we work with your insurance coverage, your health goals, and your budget by offering you a selection of treatment plans so you can decide what option works best for you. 

We always offer to run your insurance to find out what kind of coverage is included for chiropractic care. 

If your insurance does not cover chiropractic care, or you prefer not to use insurance, we also offer private pay. 

We can also provide you with a superbill for you to submit to your insurance for reimbursement. 

Making an appointment with us is simple through out online appointment scheduler. Click here to get started. 

Otherwise, you can call out office at 612-509-9057 and our receptionist, Sara, can assist you. 

No. Chiropractic treatments are not painful, and we create custom treatment plans based on your specific needs and pain you’re experiencing. 

Depending on your treatment plan, patients can experience some soreness, similar to a workout, after a treatment. 

To reduce soreness in between visits, we recommend staying hydrated and drinking plenty of water. 

Your first appointment with us is 40 minutes, to ensure we have enough time to throroughly talk through your concerns and complete a comprehensive exam. 

Unlike traditional healthcare settings that don’t schedule enough time to get to know you as a real person, we make it a priority to listen to you, hear your whole story, and understand how your symptoms may be impacting other areas of your life. This extra time spent with you ensures we can create a personalized treatment plan that will help you recover faster and feel your best again.

During your first appointment, Dr. Hannah will complete a health history with you, and spend time actively listening to you. Helpful information for this health history include: 

  • When your pain started, how frequenctly it’s been happening, and anything else you’ve tried to address the problem up until this point. 
  • Past injuries or accidents you may have experienced.
  • Any family history related to the pain you’re experiencing.
  • Any current medical conditions.
  • Any recent surgeries or procedures.
  • Medications you are currently taking as well as vitamins and supplements. 
  • How you’re feeling about your overall wellbeing and lifestyle habits, including sleep, diet, excercise, and your mental health. 

We take your health and your concerns seriously, without judgement or lectures on your lifestyle choices. You can feel safe and comfortable at our practice knowing that we value you for the person you are and maintain confidentiality and HIPPA compliance to ensure your health information is private. 

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Introducing - A Monthly Wellness Membership!

Ongoing Chiropractic Care for Optimal Health

Many of our patients feel great after just a few appointments but have asked for a way to maintain their health and continue to feel their best, which is why we’ve introduced a simple option for routine monthly chiropractic care. 

Ask about our monthly wellness memberships for individuals and families at your first appointment to help you reach your ideal state of health and continue feeling great! 

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