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Owner & Doctor of Chiropractic at Dakota Chiropractic


Committed to Your Health

How I came to Chiropractic

My passion for chiropractic began as a patient. When standard healthcare—antibiotics and tubes—did not clear up my chronic childhood ear infections, my mom took me to a chiropractor for treatment. He explained that chiropractic could remove nervous system interference to allow my body to heal itself and function optimally. After a few visits, my ear infections subsided, and we placed our trust in chiropractic.

In college, I decided that chiropractic was the perfect way to realize my dream of working within healthcare while being able to naturally and holistically improve the well-being of those I encounter.

What Chiropractic means to me

I am a chiropractor. That means I begin with the spine. In my assessments and in my treatments, I always begin with the spine. But my chiropractic care doesn’t end there. Starting with your first patient visit, I look holistically at my patients and their needs. I look beyond the spine to posture, movement, and lifestyle. My goal is to understand my patients’ goals and to facilitate them.

Teaching is in my DNA. My parents are teachers and I aim to be a partner in health for my patients, teaching them to advocate for their own health. My patients are empowered to ask questions and learn about how to facilitate healing in their body with chiropractic.

The pathways to better health are exciting, and I would be privileged to partner with you in your journey!

– Dr. Hannah Steinmetz

Dr. Hannah's Credentials

Bachelor's in Human Biology

Northwestern Health Sciences University

Doctor of Chiropractic

Northwestern Health Sciences University

Certified in Webster Technique

Supporting pregnant persons to align the pelvis for the best birth outcomes

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