It’s Not Too Late to Help Your Posture

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Proper posture is essential to maintain the overall health of the body. People with good posture sleep better, feel better, and have fewer aches and pains. Good posture helps improve digestion and organ function too. Chiropractic care can help identify any posture concerns and make the adjustments necessary to improve them.

Poor posture could be due to several factors, such as muscle weakness, muscle imbalances, joint restrictions, or spinal misalignments. Once we have identified the root cause of your problem, we can develop a treatment plan to help:

  • Adjust your spine and other joints. This can help to improve range of motion, reduce muscle tension, and improve the alignment of your spine.
  • Recommend exercises and stretches. Exercises can help to strengthen your muscles, improve your flexibility, and help you to maintain good posture throughout the day.

We can also provide general education and advice on how to improve your posture which may include tips on how to sit and stand correctly, how to lift heavy objects safely, and how to choose the right ergonomic equipment for your workplace.

Here are some specific examples of Dakota Chiropractic can help with different types of postural problems:

  • Slouching: We can help to improve slouching by adjusting the spine and shoulders. They may also recommend exercises to strengthen the back and core muscles.
  • Forward head posture: This is a condition in which the head is tilted too far forward. We can help to correct forward head posture by adjusting the neck and upper back. They may also recommend exercises to strengthen the neck and shoulder muscles.
  • Hunchback: This is a condition in which the upper back is rounded. Chiropractors can help to correct hunchback by adjusting the spine and shoulders. They may also recommend exercises to strengthen the back and chest muscles.
  • Scoliosis: This is a condition in which the spine curves abnormally to the side. Chiropractors can help to manage scoliosis by making adjustments to the spine and recommending exercises to strengthen the back and core muscles.

If you’re concerned about your posture or in pain and want help. We’re here for you. At Dakota Chiropractic, our techniques and therapies help remove interference from your nervous system. This approach allows your body to heal itself.  Consider setting up an appointment today!

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Dr. Hannah


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