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Erica - Physical Therapist at Dakota Chiropractic, Apple Valley, MN

Rehabilitation with Passion

My name is Erica and I’ve been a Physical Therapist since 2021. However, my

experience with PT started in high school after sustaining injuries that required three surgeries and redirected my life all together. I joke that it took the three surgeries to show me my direction in life, but there is truth to that statement. It was in that third experience that I discovered my passion for helping others and appreciation for the body’s restorative capabilities.

I believe in finding modes of exercise/movement that resonates with you and not just a mainstream process. Each of our life experiences are different and require an individual approach to achieve our goals. Working for Dakota Chiropractic has provided me with the opportunity to help you acquire the skills to achieve a robust sense of health and wellness rather than just “good enough for now”.

About Erica

She has a cute dog named Rue.

If given the chance, she would kayak EVERY day.

Grilling is her favorite kind of meal prep.

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