Website User Tutorials

Dashboard Tutorial

This is your introductory tutorial on how navigate your new website. 

Editing & Adding a Blog Post

Learn how to edit and add a blog post to your website and learn best practices on what to include. 

Editing & Adding a Page

Learn how to edit a page created by Wellspired Co. and how to add and edit a new page of your own. 

Editor Access vs. Administrator Access

To make it as simple and easy for you to edit your website, we’ve created two accounts for your website. 

Your main account allows you to do all the essential functions on the website without worrying about changing the design or breaking the site. 

To make more advanced changes to your website, log into your website using your administrator account: 

Username: Dakota-Admin
Password: d@k0taChir0!123

*Your administrator account requires an email, which we’ve used 

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