Black Lives Matter

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Firstly, I want to start this blog with a reminder to breathe. Go ahead, take a nice deep breath. Now, maybe another one. Does that feel better? Our community has been through a lot. For many of us, including myself, we have finally woken up to a reality that our BIPOC community has been living in forever. We have woken up to the problems that run deep and that need not only immediate, but sustained attention. It has been weeks of great change and promise, but also great anguish, fear, and stress. 

To continue to fight this very important fight we need energy and love. We need strength, both mentally and emotionally. We need to take care of ourselves. If we are interested in the long game, for real and lasting change, we need to pause for healing. We need pause for listening. I hope you are taking those pauses, away from the news and social media. I hope you are listening to your body and what it needs. 

For those in our BIPOC community that need any additional care during this time of increased stress and trauma, I am offering (5) 3 Month Care Plans at no cost. Please share this info with anyone in your community that might need it. 

For those not in the BIPOC community- I just started reading Me and White Supremacy by Layla F. Saad. If anyone wants to read along and discuss I would be happy to do so with you. Hennepin County Library has released an unlimited amount of free audio book copies for anyone interested. Just click on the hyperlink above or follow this link:

My hope is that we can listen, learn, and take action together. 

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Dr. Hannah 

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