Healthier women make for a healthier world

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Hello friends! As May is Women’s Health Month and as we celebrated all of the amazing Mothers on Sunday it is a perfect time to consider the health of the women in our lives.

It is a supreme privilege to see so many amazing women in the clinic who are the primary advocate for health in their families and for their communities. They ask incredible questions and offer a healthy dose of skepticism to the status quo. Many of the women I see are part of the “sandwich generation” and are not only the caregivers for their children, but also for their aging parents. 

Some of them even go beyond caring for their family members and are leaders of health in their communities, sharing with others their journeys to better health. I hear stories from these ladies about how they shared a posture exercise with their coworker or participated in a clean eating challenge with a member of their gym.

That’s the incredible thing- these positive choices they make for their health do not exist in a vacuum. If you help one woman get healthier, she will share that with 10 people in her life. 

As I sit in awe of these women and the impact they are making on the world it occurs to me that it is our responsibility to take care of our caregivers. I want to help as many women as possible experience holistic health. If you have a woman in your life that you know could benefit from getting checked by a chiropractor to experience health from the inside out, please share this message with them. And if you are one of the women setting an example of health for all of us, thank you. You make the world go round. 

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