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My grandma LOVES to be at home. But she understands that for a lot of us all this extra time at home can be hard to navigate. She wanted to share her tips on how to take advantage of this time and bring some levity to our days. Here is what she does to keep happy and healthy at home

  1. She starts her day with a prayer

  2. Her routine is the same almost every day and that really helps her keep a good head space

  3. She listens to music, today it was Distant Drums by Jim Reeves 

  4. When she gets stressed out she cleans. This helps her racing thoughts and at the end of it she has a clean house! 

  5. Daily walking is huge for her and she does it within the space of the first floor of her house! 20 minutes everyday!

She hopes this helps. She knows it is tough, but this time can be positive, if even in small and subtle ways. 

If you or a loved one needs chiropractic care in this time and does not feel comfortable leaving the house consider booking a mobile chiropractic visit. I will make a house call with my thoroughly sanitized table + equipment and provide relief. 

Stay safe out there folks. Thinking of you all.

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