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Hi friends, I know things are still pretty crazy here on planet Earth. It is so easy to fall behind on the things that keep us healthy and feeling good. Weeks or months can go by and we start to wonder why we are not feeling as good as we once were. Then we look around and realize that those healthy habits of exercising, eating vegetables, drinking lots of water, and getting adjusted have fallen away.

Well here is a friendly reminder to check in with yourself and see what could be improved. A few easy things are

1. Drink an extra 12-ounce glass of water today
2. Take 5 minutes to stretch, you can find a quick routine here 5-minute stretch routine
3. Get in to your chiropractor for a check up! This is now easier than ever with online scheduling. Simply click here!

If you are a current patient, select “I’m an Existing Client” and enter your email when prompted. (It should be the same address that this email was sent to). A secure link will be sent to your email and you can follow the prompts from there to schedule. (If you don’t see the email within a minute or two check your spam folder) No credit card or payment info is needed. The whole process takes about 3 minutes.

If you have never been to the clinic, select “I’m a New Client” to fill out some basic info to get scheduled for an initial consultation. These will be 40-minute appointments.

You can now schedule chiropractic AND massage online. Pro tip! If you are having a hard time getting in during the week, there are openings for massage and chiropractic this Saturday. Check them out here!

Feel free to reach out with any questions. Can’t wait to see you in the clinic. Be well!

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Dr. Hannah
Dr. Hannah


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We treat symptoms including back pain, neck pain, sciatica, injury from car accidents, and more. 

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