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Have you ever thought about how much information there is about how to be “healthy” out there? Several times a day we are exposed to lists of great exercises and the best diets. What to eat, what not to eat, how to move correctly, etc.


We are not lacking information on how to get into shape, eat clean, or feel better about ourselves. So why are those health habits so difficult, when we already have all the answers?


Maybe it is because we are lacking support to reach those goals.


Support can come from all sorts of places. It can start with family and friends. It can extend to a health coach or a trainer. It can even come from an app or fitness program. 


You can also find support from your chiropractor.


Share your health goals, say them out loud and have someone ask you about them on a weekly basis. Your chiropractor can be an advocate for YOUR vision of health.


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Dr. Hannah
Dr. Hannah


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